The major in Russian Language and Literature aims to provide a solid foundation in the Russian language and a broad introduction to Russian culture, particularly literary culture, during the Imperial, Soviet, and post-Soviet periods. The program grounds the study of literature in specific historical, social, and cultural contexts. It includes the study of Russian film and elements of literary and cultural theory. The major also fosters a broad interdisciplinary perspective by encouraging students to take relevant courses in such fields as history, philosophy, political science, art history, and music. Students are expected to achieve a degree of fluency in Russian that will enable them to enter into dialogue with Russia—past and present—as readers and writers, and as speakers of a language native to over 170 million people. Coursework includes materials in the original ranging from literary classics to current journalism and other mass media. We recommend that students use summer study abroad to accelerate their fluency in the language, and we make scholarship funding available to REELL students in case of need.

Major Requirements

Minor Requirements


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