2022 National Post-Secondary Russian Essay Contest Award Winners from Rutgers

In this year’s contest, there were 973 essays submitted from dozens of universities, colleges, and institutions across the nation. This year, the judges worked tirelessly despite difficult circumstances (forced to flee Russia shortly after the invasion of Ukraine), and read each essay and ranked the top 15 to 20% of essays (depending on the total number submitted in each category. This year, TWO Rutgers students earned an honorable mention! Congratulations to:

Helen Hopersky, Level C4

Yury Uspensky, Level C6


2022 Rutgers Russian Essay Contest Results


1st Place: Alexandria Minetti, non-heritage
1st Place: Camilla Vaynberg, heritage


1st Place: John Thatcher
2nd Place: Alexander Fleming
3rd Place: Bradan Brown
Honorable Mention: Alessandro Pogorzhelsky


1st Place: Allison Scarinci
2nd Place: Yury Lauterbach


1st Place: Sophia Malinsky
2nd Place: Michelle Tomashevska
3rd Place: Joshua Chernov


1st Place: Liza Ter-Saakov


1st Place: Alexander Levitis
2nd Place: Helen Hopersky
3rd Place: Ivan Nikolaev