2021 National Post-Secondary Russian Essay Contest Award Winners from Rutgers

In this year’s contest, there were over 1100 essays submitted from 30 universities, colleges, and institutions across the nation. Three judges in Moscow read each essay and ranked the top 15% of essays (depending on the total number submitted in each category). This year, SIX Rutgers students earned an award! Congratulations to:

Jean-William Mackler, Honorable Mention, Level A3

Anna Igaunis, Silver Medal, Level C1

Alexander Warden, Honorable Mention, Level C1

Jaden Riveles, Honorable Mention, Level C2

Elizaveta Belaya, Bronze Medal, Level C4

Helen Hopersky, Honorable Mention, Level C4


2021 Rutgers Russian Essay Contest Results


Fayrouz Hadi, 1st place
Noah McAllister, 2nd place


Jaden Riveles, 1st place


Anna Igaunis, 1st place


Fiona Kniaz, 1st place;
Jean-William Mackler, Honorable Mention


Elizaveta Belaya, 1st place

Not currently enrolled in Russian courses: 

Helen Hopersky, Honorable Mention;
Mikaela Peters, Honorable Mention