Wednesday, November 2, 2022
4:30pm, via Zoom

Slavic Slam: An Evening of Poetry and Performance

We were delighted to give out the following awards for the performances:

Best Delivery (Heritage)– Russian: Helen Hopersky
Honorable Mentions: Arina Valitova, Alexander Levitis, Alex Warden, Ivan Nikolaev

Best Delivery (Heritage)– Polish: Monika Brenko, Robert Sac

Best Delivery (Non-Heritage)– Russian: Mikaela Zalepa
Best Delivery (Non-Heritage)– Polish: Zain Taqvi

Best Phonetics (Non-Heritage)– Russian: John Thatcher
Best Phonetics (Non-Heritage)– Polish: Zain Taqvi, Emily Howlett

Best Live Performance: Marcus Cook
Honorable Mention: Jairah Sengco

Best Operatic Performance (Baritone): Alexander Warden

Best Memorized: Jennifer Raskoshin, Alexander Warden, Helen Hopersky

Best Production Value: Mikaela Zalepa
Honorable Mention: Anabelle Accetta-Beman

Most Creatively Bizzarre: Anabelle Accetta-Beman
Honorable Mentions: Jairah Sengco, Helen Hopersky

Best Musical Performance– Russian: Serafima Maldonado
Honorable Mention: Alexander Warden

Best Musical Performance–  Polish: Robert Sac

Best Musical Performance– Ukrainian: Yury Lauterbach

Most Sarcastic: Zakery Kirsh-Dziki, Magdalena Piasecki, Emily Orzechowksi

Most Emotionally Intense: Serafima Maldonado
Honorable Mentions: Valery Lyssyakevich, Alissa Skakalskaya, Olivia Drazhek

Most Expressive: Julia Sorkin, Liza Ter-Saakov

Ambitious Choice: Ellis Gordon, Lev Sudol, Bektur Totoshev

Courageous Readers: Emily Gill, Marie Parkin Daniel Popov

Audience Choice– Polish: Robert Sac

Audience Choice– Russian: Helen Hopersky

Once again, huge thanks to all of the participants and attendees. We look forward to seeing your submissions at the next Slavic Slam!