An Evening of Poetry

Each year, the department hosts An Evening of Russian and Polish Poetry, allowing students at all levels to present poems and other writing to their fellow students. It's one of the department's favorite traditions.

Fall 2022

Wednesday, November 2, 2022
4:30pm, via Zoom

Slavic Slam: An Evening of Poetry and Performance

We were delighted to give out the following awards for the performances:

Best Delivery (Heritage)– Russian: Helen Hopersky
Honorable Mentions: Arina Valitova, Alexander Levitis, Alex Warden, Ivan Nikolaev

Best Delivery (Heritage)– Polish: Monika Brenko, Robert Sac

Best Delivery (Non-Heritage)– Russian: Mikaela Zalepa
Best Delivery (Non-Heritage)– Polish: Zain Taqvi

Best Phonetics (Non-Heritage)– Russian: John Thatcher
Best Phonetics (Non-Heritage)– Polish: Zain Taqvi, Emily Howlett

Best Live Performance: Marcus Cook
Honorable Mention: Jairah Sengco

Best Operatic Performance (Baritone): Alexander Warden

Best Memorized: Jennifer Raskoshin, Alexander Warden, Helen Hopersky

Best Production Value: Mikaela Zalepa
Honorable Mention: Anabelle Accetta-Beman

Most Creatively Bizzarre: Anabelle Accetta-Beman
Honorable Mentions: Jairah Sengco, Helen Hopersky

Best Musical Performance– Russian: Serafima Maldonado
Honorable Mention: Alexander Warden

Best Musical Performance–  Polish: Robert Sac

Best Musical Performance– Ukrainian: Yury Lauterbach

Most Sarcastic: Zakery Kirsh-Dziki, Magdalena Piasecki, Emily Orzechowksi

Most Emotionally Intense: Serafima Maldonado
Honorable Mentions: Valery Lyssyakevich, Alissa Skakalskaya, Olivia Drazhek

Most Expressive: Julia Sorkin, Liza Ter-Saakov

Ambitious Choice: Ellis Gordon, Lev Sudol, Bektur Totoshev

Courageous Readers: Emily Gill, Marie Parkin Daniel Popov

Audience Choice– Polish: Robert Sac

Audience Choice– Russian: Helen Hopersky

Once again, huge thanks to all of the participants and attendees. We look forward to seeing your submissions at the next Slavic Slam!

Fall 2021

Friday, November 5, 2021
12pm, via Zoom

Kapustnik: An afternoon of Russian & Polish poetry and performance

Fall 2020

Wednesday, November 4, 2020
4-5pm, live on Zoom!

Russian awards

Peter Stegun (Russian 101)- Courageous Reader in Russian
Ellis Gordon (Russian 101)- Courageous Reader in Russian
Nicole Cabrera (Russian 101)- Best Zoom Background
Karen Done (Russian 315)- Best On-Location Shot
Jason Cordova (Russian 201)- Best Memorized (eyes closed) in Russian
Juliana Tin (Russian 101)- Musical Interlude / Best Energy in Russian
Mikaela Peters (Russian 401)- Best Delivery in Russian (Non-Heritage)
Kristina Zarudna (Russian 101)- Great Delivery in Russian (Non-Heritage)
Jaden Riveles (Russian 201)- Best Production / Most Bizarre / Audience Choice
Helen Hopersky (Russian 401)- Best Overall / Most Emotionally Intense

Polish awards (all for Polish 201)

Kamil Skup- Best Delivery in Polish
Veronica Zielonka- Best Energy in Polish
Milosz Krupinski- Best Memorized (eyes closed) in Polish
Nikodem Kisielewski- Great Delivery in Polish
Gabriela Lapinska- Great Delivery in Polish
Nicole Stefanczuk- Great Delivery in Polish

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