Prospective Students

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Graduation Year: 2018

Major: Double Major in Computer Science / Russian Language & Literature


How did you decide on your major?

I was always interested in languages and cultures, so I knew I wanted to study a language in college.  I was particularly interested in Russian or Arabic because they were languages in demand and they also seemed very distinct from any language I’ve ever studied.  After visiting Russia on a backpacking trip, I was absolutely fascinated and it only seemed natural to study Russian at that point.

I also chose computer science because I found it very intriguing after being exposed to it while helping a friend with a programming assignment freshman year.  Additionally, there are many job opportunities in the field.    

What is it about your chosen field (and the department) that appeals to you?

For both computer science and Russian- the opportunity and practicality. 

Do you have a favorite class/professor within your major?

This is a hard question because each class and each professor has contributed to my experience and to my growth in unique ways.  Within the Russian department, I’ve taken the most courses with Professor Van Buskirk and Professor Anderson.  I love taking courses with each of them because I enjoy talking with them and they are both very passionate and intelligent. 

What are your favorite academic experiences outside of your major?

My favorite academic experiences would have to be being a part of the French Living Learning Community, attending hackathons, USAC’s hacker hours, and the Russian department’s Maslenitsa celebrations.

What are your other Rutgers activities?

I work as a CSO with the Rutgers Police Department.  During the summer of 2016, I had the opportunity to study abroad in St. Petersburg. 

What are your plans following graduation?

To join the work force, volunteer, learn more languages, and see the world!  I’m interested in the D.O.S., the F.B.I., or Google!  

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