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Celebration of Maslenitsa

Each year our Russian and East European Program celebrates Maslenitsa, a weeklong holiday festival celebrated in Eastern Orthodox communities around the world.  Maslenitsa exhibits similarities to a number of Western holidays (Mardi Gras, Shrovetide).  And yet it has its own roots in two distinct traditions: Orthodox Christianity, and a much older, pagan tradition, celebrated as early as the 2nd century AD, marking the end of winter and beginning of spring.  During our festivities we learn all about the customs and symbolism of Maslenitsa, and how they are linked to something delicious: bliny, or Russian pancakes.  We eat bliny, sing songs, make dolls, and do other fun activities around this holiday theme!

For information about Maselnitsa see
And the Russian wikipedia page, which has details about the week-long traditional celebrations:Масленица

Spring 2017

When: Wednesday, February 22, 2017, from 4:30pm-6pm
Pane Room, Alexander Library

Russian food (bliny and other delicacies!) and drinks (kvas!) will be served.  
There will some fun musical performances by our students, a sing-a-long, crafts, a short presentation about this holiday, and a short Russian cartoon.

Spring 2016

When: Wednesday, March 9, 2016, from 4:30pm-6pm
Where: Pane Room, Alexander Library

There will be a special treat at this year's Maslenitsa event:

we will be making maslenitsa dolls out of yarn!  Liya Zalaltdinova from Kazan, a former Russian Fulbright and a crafts specialist, will be teaching us how.

Russian food (bliny!) and drinks will be served.

Check out some photos from previous years!

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